Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How to Take Care of Skin in Winter by Natural Oils

Skin is the biggest organ in the human body, which needs proper care. It acts like a sponge and protects the body from harmful effects of contaminants and environment. The winter is the hardest time for the skin, and needs extra care to cope with cold and dryness of the weather. There are some essential oils which rejuvenate and refresh the skin in winter.

The sandalwood oil is antiviral and has a soothing, firming and softening effects on the skin. The scars, wrinkles and acne could be removed by sandalwood oil. For sensitive skins, dilute it in sesame, coconut or olive oil before topically applying 2 - 3 drops, and rub gently.

The Lavender oil treats psoriasis and reduces stretchmarks and the scars of burns. Its few drops can be applied topically and directly on the affected area.

The cedar wood oil is a moisturizer and a softener.It also soothes the skin in the winter and keeps it oily and non-drying. It is best for acne prone or dry and the oily skin. It is antibacterial, but should be applied topically in a dilute form on sensitive skin.

The helichrysum oil contains certain dike-tones. It provides effective defense against free radicals. It heals the scars and wounds, and repairs or prevents future damage to the skin. It does not need dilution for topical use.

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