Friday, 28 August 2015

Seven Tips to keep the Flowers Fresh in Flower Pot

It is difficult to keep the flowers fresh in flower pots. Here are some tips for those who keep the flower pots at home and want that they should remain fresh for longer.
The Fresh Carnation Flowers
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Rameshng

1. Always purchase the flowers having tight buds and bright leaves. Avoid buying the flowers having loose buds and brown leaves.

2. Cut the branches of the flowers under the running water with a knife in a slanting direction.

3. Keep the flowers in a deep pot in cold water.

4. Before putting the flowers in a flower pot keep them in a refrigerator for 6 hours. It will increase the life of the flowers three times.

5. Do not dip the flowers for more than 6 inches in water in flower pot.

6. Put some aspirin in the flower pot so that the bacteria and germs may not develop in the flower pot.

7. Keep on cutting the branches or the stubs of the flowers on alternate days.

These tips would increase the life of the flowers and they will appear fresh fol longer than usual.

Herbal Remedies for Dandruff

Healthy and shining hair improves the overall personality. For this purpose a healthy food and nutritious diet is necessary along with proper care of the hair.  The improper care causes several problems the chief among them is dandruff. 
A typical case of severe dandruff and dry scalp
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Hmochoa95

This problem is caused due to dryness of the hair. This problem equally affects the men and women of all ages.
Excessive dandruff causes acnes on face, neck.forehead and back. In the beginning it occurs on the upper layer of the scalp and soon reaches the inner layers of the skin. In reality dandruff is due to the presence of dead cells. It causes itching and ultimately leads to hair fall. 
Causes of Dandruff
Improper cleaning of hair, less nutrients reaching the hair roots and applying no oil on hair causes the problem of dandruff.  Other reasons include excess sweating and stress. However no certain reasons could be assigned to it.
It is caused when the sebum glands become overactive. The intake of less water and the absence of nutrients in diet also cause dandruff.
Another reason is the release of excess hormones in young age.

Herbal Cure
A little care of the hair helps to get rid of this problem. Here are some herbal remedies which have no side effects as compared to the synthetic or chemical treatments.  

Proper cleanliness is necessary to avoid dandruff. Clean the hair with herbal shampoo or soap nut on alternate day.

The following tips and home remedies help in dandruff.

1. Massage the hair with mustard, olive or almond oil every day before going to bed at night. Wash the hair in the morning. Massage the hair with vitamin E oil.

2.  Use steamed towel on the hair after oil massage.The massage with warm oil nourishes the skin of the scalp.

3.Apply the mixture of rosewater and glycerine on hair roots after bathing.

4.Prepare the mixture of olive oil and few drops of ginger juice and apply on the hair roots by gentle massage. Leave it for an hour and wash it off with herbal shampoo.

5.Do not comb the hair again and again, as the excess oils get released from the hair on combing which further aggravates the onslaught of dandruff.

6. Drink enough water

7. The strong oils crease the hair loss. So use the mixture of neem or margosa oil and black til or sesame oil 2-3 times a week.
8. Mix a little camphor with coconut oil and apply on the affected areas.
9. Washing the hair with curd also removes the dandruff.
10. The cholesterol hampers the growth of the hair so try to maintain its proper levels in the blood.
11. Include green leafy vegetables, sprouted grains, cucumber, boiled vegetables, beans, carrot etc in regular diet to get rid of dandruff. 

12. Mix a little black pepper powder with lemon juice and apply on the roots of the hair to get rid of dandruff completely.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Foods That Reduce Weight and Fats

In hunger the first priority for most of the people is food, no matter what it is and what effect it will have on health. We all eat till we do not feel ourselves full. In such cases we eat more than we need. The result is obesity and indolence. Here are some nutritious foods that could not be overeaten and can keep the stomach full for longer durations.
Dry Fruits
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by storem

It is the best alternative to keep the stomach full for longer as it contains enough fiber ad water. The apple peel contains pectin which reduces the feeling of hunger. So it is better to eat the apple with the peels.
The legumes or beans contain protein and fiber in sufficient amounts. These things take much time to get digested and hence the stomach remains full for longer durations.
Oatmeal or Barley
Oatmeal has complex carbohydrate which takes much time to get digested on one hand and provides enough energy on the other. It also helps to maintain the levels of insulin and blood sugar and stops the accumulation of fats in the body.
Dry Fruits
The intake of dry fruits like almonds and chestnuts without salt and spices is the chief source of protein, fats, fiber, minerals and other nutrients. During digestion they slowly release the glucose and thereby control the levels of blood sugar. The fiber and vitamins in them regulate and control the rate of metabolism.
Dairy Products
The low fat dairy products like curd, skimmed milk contain enough calcium which helps to break the fat cells. The sufficient amounts of calcium stop the synthesis of the hormone responsible for the formation of fats. 
Green Vegetables
The green and leafy vegetables contain less calories and do not get accumulated as fats in the body. They contain rich amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates which help the stomach remain full for longer durations.
Omega 3 Fats
The foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like tuna and sardines also help in weight loss.
The cinnamon spice is a very effective remedy against obesity. It reduces the cholesterol from the body and helps in weight loss.
For obesity the tea of cinnamon is very effective. Take a teaspoom of cinnamon powder and boil it in a glass of water. Add two large spons of honey to the mixture and drink it half an hour before breakfast. The intake of this mixture before going to bed at night doubles the benefits. This remedy helps to slowly dissolve the excess fats from the body.