Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Home Remedies for Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea is a serious disease of the teeth. It infects the muscles around the teeth and damages them. This disease is caused due to several health reasons which are not limited to the problems of teeth. Pyorrhea occurs due to the formation of bacteria in gums. 

The Symptoms of Pyorrhea

The irregular cleaning of the teeth, the accumulation of dirt and food particles in teeth, rotten teeth, foul smell in breath, loss of taste, formation of bacteria in mouth, inflammation in gums, mouth ulcers and bleeding in the gums are the symptoms of pyorrhea.

Home Remedies for Pyorrhea

1. Prepare the mixture of the ash of the leaves of neem or margosa with charcoal powder  and camphor. Apply this powder on teeth and let it remain for half an hour. Thereafter brush the teeth to get relief in pyorrhea.

2. The regular massage of black salt and mustard oil stops the bleeding from the gums and removes bad odour. It completely destroys the pyorrhea.

3. The 2-3 grams of triphala or the powder of three fruits which contains Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) or Amla, Terminalia bellirica or Behra and Terminalia chebula or Hurd is taken 2-3 times a day.

4. Guava is a rich source of vitamin C and is very helpful for the health of the teeth. Eating unripe guava with a little salt sprinkled on it, gives relief in pyorrehea.

5. Massage the teeth with the paste prepared by mixing camphor in buttermilk to get relief in pyorrhea.

6. The massage of teeth with a mixture of black pepper and salt also gives relief in pyorrhea.

7. Prepare the paste of 5 gram camphor, 100 ml honey and 250 ml of Castor oil. Soak the brush or the brush made from a small twig of neem or margosa in it. Massage the teeth with the mixture for few days to get relief in pyorrhea.  This is the best home remedy for pyorrhea.

8. Regularly brush the teeth with a small twig or shoot of neem or margosa.

1. Avoid constipation.
2. It is advisable to bath in the water into which epsom salt has been mixed.
3. Brush the teeth twice a day.
4. Drink enough water to flush out toxins from the body.
5. Take vitamin C rich fruits like Indian gooseberry, guava, pomegranate and oranges in sufficient amounts.
6. Take boiled vegetables without spices during the onslaught of pyorrhea.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Plaque Removal at Home

The clean white teeth
Wikimedia Commons by Jerry Bunkers

The people rush to the dentist to remove the plaque. But there are several natural home remedies which can help to get rid of plaque. 
The use of walnuts is the best and the easiest when it comes to the removal of plaque.
Take 50 grams of walnut husk in a bowl and boil it in water for 15 minutes. 
Let it cool and soak the toothbrush in the resulting mixture and brush the teeth for 5 minutes. 
Repeat this procedure in the morning, afternoon and evening to get rid of plaque completely. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

How Dimples are formed

The facial dimples are considered to embellish the beauty. But in reality it is a deformity. 

Dimples on Cheek
Wikimedia Commons by NortenhaPVZ 
The dimples appear when the facial muscles become shorter due to some reasons. Due to this reason the face has to stretch the muscles during smile or laughter. 

The the deficiency in the length of the muscles is compensated by the formation of dimples.

The problem starts appearing in the womb when some changes appear in subcutaneous connective tissues. 

This is the reason for the formation of dimples.

With ageing the face muscles of some people become normal and the dimples appearing on their cheeks in adolescent period disappear. 

On the other hand this recovery does not happen and the dimples remain appearing throughout their lives.   

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Anemia in Women

The nature has formed the women in such a way that they often suffer from anemia. It is especially true for those who are in the phase of becoming mothers. The biggest reason for the deficiency of blood among women is the menstruation cycle. This period reduces their working capacity and they soon become tired. Anemia also affects the immunity and they soon become infected with different diseases.
A Healthy Women
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Puramyun31 

Loss of Blood
The women lose about a litre of blood in menstruation which is equal to the blood donation of three times. The menstruation cycle is very important in the lives of the women as it makes them capable of becoming mothers. During this cycle several delicate changes appear in them and affect their health as they become physically weaker.

What is Anemia?
It is better to get acquainted with anemia. The red blood corpuscles contain a protein known as haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the supplier of oxygen which carries the oxygen from the lungs and transports it to all the cells in the body. The preparation of haemoglobin needs iron.  The deficiency of iron in body reduces the levels of haemoglobin and causes anemia.
The weak immune system affects the health of the mother and the the infant and is fatal for both.

The woman loses about 22% of her blood in a year and those who do not include blood forming nutrients in their diet suffer from anemia. It is noteworthy that about 80% of women in India suffer from anemia.

The symptoms of anemia include pale face, tiredness and loss of breath especially during physical exertion or exercises.     

The Benefits of Fasting for Health and Beauty

Several benefits are associated with fasting. The first and foremost is the spiritual satisfaction, which imparts inner peace, which in turn gets reflected in facial glow.
Eat Fruits
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Emerika
It revitalizes the body and removes the stress.
Fasting strengthens the digestive system and strengthens the gut.
It helps in the relaxation of digestive system and gives it proper rest.
With no food to digest, the fasting saves the energy of the body. This energy is then used in internal repair of the body.
It purifies the blood cells and helps the body to get rid of several diseases.
It helps the body to flush out the toxic substances.
It improves the pumping process of the heart and is good for the health of the heart.
It removes several hurdles from the internal system of the body and helps in overall auto- health.
It increases the age and helps in longevity.
The Risks
Several problems are associated with reckless fasting.
Some people resort to overeating during the period of fasting which drains the energy of the body and the repair process of the body gets badly affected as there is no energy left for the latter.
Fasting affects the kidney functions and may lead to the formation of kidney stones. It is better to take enough water and liquid diet during the fasting so that the calcium and other related minerals may not get deposited in the body.
The patients of blood sugar or diabetes, blood pressure, pregnant women and those suffering from anemia should desist from fasting.
Always eat homemade eatables during fasting and avoid eating fried foods.
Why to Eat
Special care should be taken during fasting so that your beautiful face may not wither away and you may easily cope with the daily chores. Extra attention should be paid about what to eat and what not to eat during the fasting period; otherwise you are prone to become ill.
What to Drink
The healthy drinks are necessary during the fast and the first in the list is the water. It is the best zero calorie drink.Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water during the day of fasting. Add lemon or take buttermilk, if it becomes difficult to drink pure water.  
Milk could also be take during the fast as it contains calcium which maintains the energy levels throughout the day. Avoid drinking cream rich milk.
The juice of the fruits is the best.The juice of sweet lemon, orange, grapes, apple etc could be taken during fasting. It is advisable to extract the juice at home.
The intake of tea also gives energy, but every time avoid taking the regular tea made from sugar and milk and opt for green tea as it removes toxins from the body.
The coconut water is also the best option.  
What to Eat
Eat fruits and dry fruits during fasting. The fruits containing rich amounts of water like melon, water melon, musk melon, orange etc., are the best. These fruits save from dehydration.
The dry fruits like almonds, nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts etc., could also be taken during the fasting. These could be fried in olive oil or groundnut oil.

The potato chips and the sweets made from milk are good in fasting. It is better to take home made milk products. 

Cucumber Water Improves Health and Beauty

Cucumber is commonly known as the fruit of summer. With rising mercury levels in summer, this nutrient and vitamin rich food supplement should be included in daily diet. It contains enough water to keep us fresh in the hot season.
Wikimedia Commons by Ranveig
Most of the dieticians advise that the cucumber should be taken to strengthen the immunity and keep the body active in summer.
You have just to put a few pieces of cucumber in a water bottle in order to prepare the cucumber water and drink it as and when thirst appears.
The cucumber water keeps the body cool and gives several health benefits. In addition to it the cucumber water also provides vitamin A, vitamin C and several other minerals.
The cucumber water keeps fresh throughout the day. It moisturizes the body which is a prerequisite for maintaining the body temperature. It helps the circulatory system and removes the toxins from the blood.
The cucumber water reduces the risks of cancer due to the presence of several vitamins, minerals and nutrients in it. So it is advisable to drink plenty of cucumber water.

The intake of cucumber water helps to keep the skin healthy and glowing. It also nourishes the skin. The presence of antioxidants in cucumber helps the body to fight against free radicals. It removes the toxic substances from the body and alleviates the burden of kidneys. 

Long hair byTurmeric

Long hair
Wikimedia Commons by Ryan Lackey
Turmeric is a medicine and it helps in several diseases including skin care and hair care. It is used for beauty care and health. It is widely used in several parts of the world due to its medicinal properties.This magical herb has antiseptic and antioxidant properties. It is used in food flavoring, and is used to make the skin healthy and shiny.
Turmeric is used for hair care and is very beneficial for the growth of hair and hair loss. The people have different opinions but the use of turmeric for hair and most of them are unaware about its use in hair care.
Here are few uses of turmeric to get healthy, long and beautiful hair.
For Dandruff
It helps in dandruff due to its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has the power to clan the scalp and removes the dandruff. It helps in proper blood circulation in the scalp.
In case of dandruff, apply the mixture of turmeric and olive oil on hair and gently massage for 5-10 minutes. Then wash off with a herbal shampoo. Repeat the remedy for a week or so to get the desired results.
Hair Loss
The magical turmeric could be used in diet for hair problems including hair loss and to get long hair. The regular use of turmeric stops the hair loss and helps in the growth of hair.
Prepare a thick paste of turmeric in milk and add a little honey to it in case of dry hair. Gently massage the scalp with the paste for 10-15 minutes and thereafter wash off with herbal shampoo after half an hour. Regularly repeat the remedy for a month or so. To get long and shiny hair, repeat the remedy twice a week.
Great Hair Care
The turmeric pack could be applied on hair to get the lighter trace. Prepare the mixture of turmeric with hena powder and curd. Apply the paste on hair and let it remain for 4-5 hours and then wash off with cold water and some herbal shampoo. Remember to use the conditioner after washing the hair.
Scalp Diseases
The application of turmeric on the hair and scalp saves from several scalp diseases. This herb is very effective on serious problems like eczema, fungal infection, hair loss, swelling, itching etc.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Home Remedies for The Blisters of Heels

Bare Feet of Women
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commpns by Julian von Bredow
Here are few home remedies for the blisters on heels.

1. Apply petroleum jelly on the blistered heels and feet before going to bed at night and wash the feet with Luke warm water in the mornings for few days.

2. Camphor makes the skin of blistered heels or hands soft and fills the cracks. 
Add a little camphor in warm water and put the feet in it for some time. Then scrub the heels with a pumice stone and there after apply the glycerin on feet and hands.

Home Remedies for Warts, Abscesses and Skin Spots

Here are few home remedies for Warts, Abscesses and Skin Spots.

1. Apply the juice of onions on warts as it breaks them into small pieces and they fall off after some time.
 Wart on finger
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Lucien Mahin

2. Apply the garlic directly on the skin to clear spots, especially those of acne.

3. The topical use of garlic removes the skin warts.

4. Apply the paste of basil leaves on face to get extra glow.

5. To get relief in various skin problems, take the earth near the roots of basil plant and rub on the affected parts of body.

6. In case of abscess on skin, make a powder of the seeds of basil and sprinkle it on them to get relief.

7. If red spots occur on skin every day, then add the camphor in little water and prepare the paste of it. Apply the paste on the affected areas and see the effects in few days.

8. Guava provides extra glow to the skin and the application of the paste of guava removes skin spots.

9. Boil 5-6 leaves of guava and apply the paste on abscesses.