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Anemia in Women

The nature has formed the women in such a way that they often suffer from anemia. It is especially true for those who are in the phase of becoming mothers. The biggest reason for the deficiency of blood among women is the menstruation cycle. This period reduces their working capacity and they soon become tired. Anemia also affects the immunity and they soon become infected with different diseases.
A Healthy Women
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Loss of Blood
The women lose about a litre of blood in menstruation which is equal to the blood donation of three times. The menstruation cycle is very important in the lives of the women as it makes them capable of becoming mothers. During this cycle several delicate changes appear in them and affect their health as they become physically weaker.

What is Anemia?
It is better to get acquainted with anemia. The red blood corpuscles contain a protein known as haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the supplier of oxygen which carries the oxygen from the lungs and transports it to all the cells in the body. The preparation of haemoglobin needs iron.  The deficiency of iron in body reduces the levels of haemoglobin and causes anemia.
The weak immune system affects the health of the mother and the the infant and is fatal for both.

The woman loses about 22% of her blood in a year and those who do not include blood forming nutrients in their diet suffer from anemia. It is noteworthy that about 80% of women in India suffer from anemia.

The symptoms of anemia include pale face, tiredness and loss of breath especially during physical exertion or exercises.     
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