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The Benefits of Fasting for Health and Beauty

Several benefits are associated with fasting. The first and foremost is the spiritual satisfaction, which imparts inner peace, which in turn gets reflected in facial glow.
Eat Fruits
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It revitalizes the body and removes the stress.
Fasting strengthens the digestive system and strengthens the gut.
It helps in the relaxation of digestive system and gives it proper rest.
With no food to digest, the fasting saves the energy of the body. This energy is then used in internal repair of the body.
It purifies the blood cells and helps the body to get rid of several diseases.
It helps the body to flush out the toxic substances.
It improves the pumping process of the heart and is good for the health of the heart.
It removes several hurdles from the internal system of the body and helps in overall auto- health.
It increases the age and helps in longevity.
The Risks
Several problems are associated with reckless fasting.
Some people resort to overeating during the period of fasting which drains the energy of the body and the repair process of the body gets badly affected as there is no energy left for the latter.
Fasting affects the kidney functions and may lead to the formation of kidney stones. It is better to take enough water and liquid diet during the fasting so that the calcium and other related minerals may not get deposited in the body.
The patients of blood sugar or diabetes, blood pressure, pregnant women and those suffering from anemia should desist from fasting.
Always eat homemade eatables during fasting and avoid eating fried foods.
Why to Eat
Special care should be taken during fasting so that your beautiful face may not wither away and you may easily cope with the daily chores. Extra attention should be paid about what to eat and what not to eat during the fasting period; otherwise you are prone to become ill.
What to Drink
The healthy drinks are necessary during the fast and the first in the list is the water. It is the best zero calorie drink.Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water during the day of fasting. Add lemon or take buttermilk, if it becomes difficult to drink pure water.  
Milk could also be take during the fast as it contains calcium which maintains the energy levels throughout the day. Avoid drinking cream rich milk.
The juice of the fruits is the best.The juice of sweet lemon, orange, grapes, apple etc could be taken during fasting. It is advisable to extract the juice at home.
The intake of tea also gives energy, but every time avoid taking the regular tea made from sugar and milk and opt for green tea as it removes toxins from the body.
The coconut water is also the best option.  
What to Eat
Eat fruits and dry fruits during fasting. The fruits containing rich amounts of water like melon, water melon, musk melon, orange etc., are the best. These fruits save from dehydration.
The dry fruits like almonds, nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts etc., could also be taken during the fasting. These could be fried in olive oil or groundnut oil.

The potato chips and the sweets made from milk are good in fasting. It is better to take home made milk products. 
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