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How to Control Weight and Wrinkles by Kissing

Lip Kissing
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Kissing each other thrice a day for 15-20 seconds each time helps in weight loss and longevity. Kissing each other for longer duration may increase the blood pressure.

But deep or long kiss is good in obesity and makes the body thinner as it burns a lot of calories in the body. The amount of burnt calories depends on the length and passion of entwined lips. Generally the body burns up to 5 calories per minute of kissing.

On the other hand deep kissing promotes longevity. It is due to the reason that deep breathing burns the fats and accelerates the circulation of blood. The lip lock during during kissing increases the frequency of breathing and helps in consumption of energy. Kissing stimulates the nerves and increases the immune system. It boosts the mood which helps in the release of healthy hormones in the body.

Lip Kissing
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Kissing reduces the anxiety and stress as it stops the noise in the mind and brings peace and tranquility. It increases the levels of oxytocin in the body which is an extremely calming hormone that soothes and produces the feeling of peace and calm. 

Deep Lip Kissing
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During a passionate kiss the face and tongue muscles become active and tense. About 15 to  17 muscles on tongue and 30 muscles on face become active thereby promoting blood circulation and reducing facial wrinkles respectively.

The facial muscles in this way perform exercise and brighten the skin especially on face by increased circulation of blood and oxygen to the muscles.

Frequent kissing is also good for the health of teeth and gums as the large amounts of saliva containing calcium and phosphorus gets secreted in the mouth and nourishes the teeth. The acidic character or the pH value of saliva is neutral and is beneficial for gingivitis tooth decay and the overall dental health,.

It is advisable to make the kissing partner comfortable and make sure that the breath is clean.

It is better to go for deep breathing, if there is no one to kiss.

Don’t Kiss the Infant

Lip Lock
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The arrival of a child changes the entire atmosphere of the house. Every member of the family wants to spend time with the child. Most of the people show their love and affection by kissing the child. They hardly know that this act could be very dangerous to the health of the child. The child with a weak and underdeveloped immune system may get afflicted with several infections and diseases. The Kissing by the parents and the elders increase the risk of the child to become ill.

The following problems occur when the child is kissed.

1. The act of kissing transfers the saliva from one person to another. In this way several diseases also get shifted. This situation could be dangerous to the child. 

2. Epstein Barr Virus commonly called EBV is a virus of herpes family. This virus spreads by kissing and it remains in the body throughout the life. Most of the people get infected by it in the childhood without knowing about it. It cause of infectious mononucleosis which is also called mono and glandular fever popularly known as the “Kissing Disease”. Most of the people carrying the virus don't get sick.

3. Sometimes the child suffers from the fever and becomes ill after kissing. It simply means that the kissing person has transferred some infection to the child. On certain occasions the situation becomes so grave that spasms may appear in the child. Severe throat infection may also appear along with inflammation. 

4. There are specific harmless bacteria in the mouth of every person. These bacteria may be friendly to one person but inimical to the other. These bacteria too get transferred by kissing. 
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