Friday, 28 August 2015

Seven Tips to keep the Flowers Fresh in Flower Pot

It is difficult to keep the flowers fresh in flower pots. Here are some tips for those who keep the flower pots at home and want that they should remain fresh for longer.
The Fresh Carnation Flowers
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Rameshng

1. Always purchase the flowers having tight buds and bright leaves. Avoid buying the flowers having loose buds and brown leaves.

2. Cut the branches of the flowers under the running water with a knife in a slanting direction.

3. Keep the flowers in a deep pot in cold water.

4. Before putting the flowers in a flower pot keep them in a refrigerator for 6 hours. It will increase the life of the flowers three times.

5. Do not dip the flowers for more than 6 inches in water in flower pot.

6. Put some aspirin in the flower pot so that the bacteria and germs may not develop in the flower pot.

7. Keep on cutting the branches or the stubs of the flowers on alternate days.

These tips would increase the life of the flowers and they will appear fresh fol longer than usual.

Herbal Remedies for Dandruff

Healthy and shining hair improves the overall personality. For this purpose a healthy food and nutritious diet is necessary along with proper care of the hair.  The improper care causes several problems the chief among them is dandruff. 
A typical case of severe dandruff and dry scalp
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Hmochoa95

This problem is caused due to dryness of the hair. This problem equally affects the men and women of all ages.
Excessive dandruff causes acnes on face, neck.forehead and back. In the beginning it occurs on the upper layer of the scalp and soon reaches the inner layers of the skin. In reality dandruff is due to the presence of dead cells. It causes itching and ultimately leads to hair fall. 
Causes of Dandruff
Improper cleaning of hair, less nutrients reaching the hair roots and applying no oil on hair causes the problem of dandruff.  Other reasons include excess sweating and stress. However no certain reasons could be assigned to it.
It is caused when the sebum glands become overactive. The intake of less water and the absence of nutrients in diet also cause dandruff.
Another reason is the release of excess hormones in young age.

Herbal Cure
A little care of the hair helps to get rid of this problem. Here are some herbal remedies which have no side effects as compared to the synthetic or chemical treatments.  

Proper cleanliness is necessary to avoid dandruff. Clean the hair with herbal shampoo or soap nut on alternate day.

The following tips and home remedies help in dandruff.

1. Massage the hair with mustard, olive or almond oil every day before going to bed at night. Wash the hair in the morning. Massage the hair with vitamin E oil.

2.  Use steamed towel on the hair after oil massage.The massage with warm oil nourishes the skin of the scalp.

3.Apply the mixture of rosewater and glycerine on hair roots after bathing.

4.Prepare the mixture of olive oil and few drops of ginger juice and apply on the hair roots by gentle massage. Leave it for an hour and wash it off with herbal shampoo.

5.Do not comb the hair again and again, as the excess oils get released from the hair on combing which further aggravates the onslaught of dandruff.

6. Drink enough water

7. The strong oils crease the hair loss. So use the mixture of neem or margosa oil and black til or sesame oil 2-3 times a week.
8. Mix a little camphor with coconut oil and apply on the affected areas.
9. Washing the hair with curd also removes the dandruff.
10. The cholesterol hampers the growth of the hair so try to maintain its proper levels in the blood.
11. Include green leafy vegetables, sprouted grains, cucumber, boiled vegetables, beans, carrot etc in regular diet to get rid of dandruff. 

12. Mix a little black pepper powder with lemon juice and apply on the roots of the hair to get rid of dandruff completely.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Foods That Reduce Weight and Fats

In hunger the first priority for most of the people is food, no matter what it is and what effect it will have on health. We all eat till we do not feel ourselves full. In such cases we eat more than we need. The result is obesity and indolence. Here are some nutritious foods that could not be overeaten and can keep the stomach full for longer durations.
Dry Fruits
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by storem

It is the best alternative to keep the stomach full for longer as it contains enough fiber ad water. The apple peel contains pectin which reduces the feeling of hunger. So it is better to eat the apple with the peels.
The legumes or beans contain protein and fiber in sufficient amounts. These things take much time to get digested and hence the stomach remains full for longer durations.
Oatmeal or Barley
Oatmeal has complex carbohydrate which takes much time to get digested on one hand and provides enough energy on the other. It also helps to maintain the levels of insulin and blood sugar and stops the accumulation of fats in the body.
Dry Fruits
The intake of dry fruits like almonds and chestnuts without salt and spices is the chief source of protein, fats, fiber, minerals and other nutrients. During digestion they slowly release the glucose and thereby control the levels of blood sugar. The fiber and vitamins in them regulate and control the rate of metabolism.
Dairy Products
The low fat dairy products like curd, skimmed milk contain enough calcium which helps to break the fat cells. The sufficient amounts of calcium stop the synthesis of the hormone responsible for the formation of fats. 
Green Vegetables
The green and leafy vegetables contain less calories and do not get accumulated as fats in the body. They contain rich amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates which help the stomach remain full for longer durations.
Omega 3 Fats
The foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like tuna and sardines also help in weight loss.
The cinnamon spice is a very effective remedy against obesity. It reduces the cholesterol from the body and helps in weight loss.
For obesity the tea of cinnamon is very effective. Take a teaspoom of cinnamon powder and boil it in a glass of water. Add two large spons of honey to the mixture and drink it half an hour before breakfast. The intake of this mixture before going to bed at night doubles the benefits. This remedy helps to slowly dissolve the excess fats from the body. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Home Remedies and Precautions Against Skin Wrinkles

The skin wrinkles often result due to aging, pollution, chemical cosmetics, improper care and deficiency of nutrients in diet. Except aging all other factors could be minimized to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Here are few home remedies and precautions to reduce the wrinkles caused by other effects except aging.
Face without wrinkles
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Haggarazzi Photography

1. Leave the application of the juice of green pineapples and apples on the face daily 10 to 15 minutes to remove the fine wrinkles and repair the skin cracks.

2. The lemon juice effectively reduces the fine lines under eyes, neck, and hands by minimizing the wrinkles and cleaning the skin surface.

3. Apply the mixture of lemon juice and rose water few times a day to lighten the blemishes and age spots.

4. Eat the mixture of a teaspoon each of natural honey and fresh chopped ginger daily at sun rise before breakfast to get rid of wrinkles.

5. The eating of Indian gooseberries daily improves the eyesight and delays the ageing symptoms of skin.

6. Eat banana with every meal to stop the appearance of wrinkles, as it acts as an anti-aging agent and make the skin appear young and fresh. Like all anti-aging creams, the bananas too contains rich amounts of vitamin A, B and E.   

7. The topical application of the antioxidants like vitamins E and C reduce previous skin damage caused by the sunlight. 

8. The ice massage on face effectively removes the wrinkles. Rub an ice cube on the face every night till it melts completely. 

9. The honey bath is very beneficial for removing the wrinkles. Apply raw and organic honey daily on the body including hair and lips after bathing and rinse off after few minutes.


1. Instead of going to spas and salons, take the recommendations of the dermatologist for laser facial treatments.

2. Avoid makeup concealers to hide the eye wrinkles, as the content get trapped in the fine lines of the skin and worsens the situation by making the wrinkles look larger.

3. Alcohol or smoking cause heavy oxidative damage to cells and lead to inflammation and wrinkles. 

4. The unavoidable environmental pollutants like smoke, dust, ozone and vehicle emissions damage and age the skin and cause premature wrinkles. 

5. Despite all benefits the exercises result in oxidative damage to the body.

6. Meditate daily for about 10 to 15 minutes.

7. Avoid tea, beverages, alcohols and smoking to look beautiful and reduce fine lines of wrinkles around the eyes and neck.

8. The refined, fried or junk foods and sweets or sugars contain chemicals that cause premature aging of sagging and wrinkles.

9. Eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like grass-fed beef and wild salmon.

10. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to hydrate the skin care and to reduce the formation of wrinkles. 

11. Avoid drinking water with straws and use them for drinks like coffee, tea, juices and soda as it causes wrinkles around the mouth. The facial movements made during the use of straw puckers the face and contribute to eye wrinkles too.   

Friday, 3 July 2015

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bad Odour of sweating

Sweating is a common phenomenon and the problem of perspiration increases in summer. But the bad odour of sweat is associated with it.  The problem still persists even after wearing the cotton clothes or using the deodorant.

Sweat Glands
Sweating it out
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sgt. Bobby Yarbrough
The temperature of the blood increases with the increase of temperature in summer. The sweat glands present on the most of the surface or the dermis of the skin open up to balance the change in temperature and sweating occurs. The sweat glands secrete the sweat and are very beneficial for the body. These tubular structures remove the toxic substances from the body through sweating.

There are two types of sweat glands in the skin. The apocrine glands are the main sweat glands that secrete sweat and are found in armpits. The eccrine glands glands not connected to hair follicles are found over most of the body and function throughout the life.

The people generally remain annoyed due to sweating and bad odour associated with it.

Why Sweat has bad Odour
The bacteria present on skin putrefy or decompose the sweat and the bad odour occurs.  The improper cleaning of the skin chokes the sweat glands and the movement of bacteria with dust on skin surface creates bad odour in sweat. This odour disturbs everyone. But in absence of odour the sweat may not be so annoying.  

Home Remedies

1. Apply little baking soda mixed in water on underarms after bathing and thereafter wipe it with towel.

2. Baking Soda could also be applied after using the deodorant. Spray the deodorant and apply little baking soda on it.

3. Apply the paste of baking soda and lemon after bathing at night.

4. Daily bathing is necessary to get rid of foul smell of sweat. You can do it twice a day in case of excess sweating.

5. Dry the underarms after bathing or before wearing anything as it will reduce the amount of sweating.

6. Keep the underarms clean as it reduces sweating, saves from infections and disease and is good for personal hygiene.

7. Rub cucumber slice on underarms after bathing. The antioxidant present in cucumber kills the bacteria and helps to get rid of foul smell of sweating.

8. Increase the amount of water intake in diet as it will help in overall health and end the foul smell of sweat. The water dilutes the sweat and stops the foul smell.

9. Remaining away from moisture, keeping the body clean and taking care of dress and diet according to season helps to get rid of bad smell of sweating

10. The addition of UD cologne, Dettol, lemon juice or Rose water to the bathing water keeps the body fresh ad free from foul smell.

11. Bathing after the use of sandalwood powder body pack helps to get rid of bad odour of sweating.

12. Use the footwear in which the feet remain open. Use the footwear made of fiber or leather.

13. Wear loose clothes instead of tight fitting garments.

14. It is a misconception that the use of talc powder helps to get rid of the foul smell of sweating. 

15. Add potassium sulphate or potash alum to the bathing water to get rid of excess sweating.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Nail Biting Affects Health and Beauty

Nail biting is a normal habit generally found among the people when they are nervous or are in stress. But it could merely be a habit only.
A nervous woman bites her nails
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Maxwell GS 

Several health hazards are associated with this bad habit. This habit affects the normal growth of the nails and damages their normal shape too. It mars the beauty of the nails in general and the nails in particular.

The unclean nails become the breeding grounds of germs and bacteria. During the biting of nails these germs enter the digestive system and become the reason of infections and disease. A dangerous bacterium called staphylococcus is found under the layers of nails which enter the mouth during nail biting.

Transfer of Bacteria to Mouth
The dirt and germs remain stuck in the nails even if they are cleaned several times. The nails are doubly dirty than fingers. The chances of bacteria residing in the nails are more than any other place in the body. They provide a perfect place for the breeding and growth of bacteria especially the disease causing salmonella and e coli bacteria. Whenever the nails are bitten these bacteria enter the body through the mouth and transfer the disease causing infections.

Infections in Nails
The people having the habit of nail biting are more prone to get affected from paronesia. Paronesia is a skin infection generally found in the skin around the nails. The nail biting damages the cells around the nails and the bacteria and other germs easily enter the bkod streams through the skin. This problem could be treated by surgery.

The people with chronic habit of nail biting face great risk to get infected by human papillomavirus or HP V in which small knots get formed on the nails. Warts are a skin diseases caused by HP V. But this problem occurs more around the nails than any other place on the body.

Tooth Problem
With the passage of time the dirt emanating from the nails weaken the teeth. The people with excessive nail biting develop the problem to of coincide the upper and lower teeth on closing the mouth. The repeated nail biting weakens and dislocates the teeth from their normal place and the teeth appear to be coming out of the mouth.  

How to give up the habit of nail biting?
1. The proper care of the hands helps in giving up the habit of nail biting. Get the manicure done by a professional twice or thrice a week.
2. Massage the nails with cream or oil while feeling an urge of nail biting.
3. Eat carrot or apple while having a desire of nail biting.
4. Ask the family members to stop you while being found in nail biting.
5. Wrap the fingers with bandage, tape or thick band or an electric tape.
6. Keep the hands busy in some activity.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Heroines

When we think of beauty, some faces like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kailey and Sophia Loren etc. appear before the eyes. These Hollywood heroines are world famous for their beauty and still the people adore them. 

The beauty secrets of these heroines were recently revealed and to the utter surprise of all these do not include costly beauty products but were rather linked to nature. Any one can try these products.
Marilyn Monroe
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by George Barris
Cold Water  
The beauty secret of famous actress Joan Crawford was to wash the face with cold water. She used to wash her face with cold water in the morning. It was her daily routine. It is believed that the secret of her soft and glowing skin was the same.

So you can use sugar, warm water and lemon instead, if you have problems to use the freezing water.

Baking Soda
To embellish the beauty, it is necessary to have the clean and shining teeth. The heroines used baking soda to make the teeth white and shining.

You can also use baking soda to remove the yellow stains and increase the whiteness of the teeth.You can prepare the paste of it by adding lemon and peppermint oil to baking soda in order to increase the flavor. In addition to normal toothpaste also use this paste once or twice a week.

Strawberry Cleanser
In the 60’s of last decade it was a common fashion among the heroines to mash the strawberry and use it as a cleanser. This cleanser provides extra glow to the skin.

You too can use strawberry as a face cleanser. A face mask of strawberry could also be used by adding banana and honey to it.

The dark circles and wrinkles are universal problems. But the heroines including Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren used the green leaves of mint to fight against these problems.

You can use toothpaste on dark circles too, Apply a little toothpaste on dark circles and wash after some time.

Olive Oil
The old heroines including Rita Hayworth were used to apply olive oil on the hair after shampooing. They used to tie the hair with a towel for 10 to 15 minutes after applying the olive oil. They used to wash the hair with warm water and used lemon as a cleanser.

You can use the iol serum if you have little spare time and wrap the hair in a towel. In this way the hair will absorb the serum and there will be no need to wash the hair afterwards.

Rose Water

The use of rose water for beauty is a very old tradition. The idea of using rose water has not become old as was used by the queens, princesses and heroines. The rose water acts as a costly beauty product. It could be used to give rosy look to cheeks and lips. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home

The skin tag or acrochordons are the fibro epithelial polyps which often occur among the people over the age of 60 years. But sometimes the younger ones also get afflicted with it. 
The skin tags or Acrochorda have been reported to have a They are found to occur in 50% of the people and more common in women than in men. 
Skin Tags- Warts and Moles

These painless and harmless tags or acrochorda are generally unobtrusive and painless but are annoying and appear as a deformity. The people want to get rid of them once and for all. 
The cutaneous skin tags often appear as small growths on the surface of the skin, where the skin folds as in folds of groin or in areas around the neck. These benign tumors also occur in armpits or under the breasts. Sometimes they are found over the eyelids too. 

Shape and Size
They do not grow or change over time and their size may vary from a grain of rice to a length of about half an inch. Raised from the surface of the skin on a peduncle or a fleshy stalk, their surface may be either smooth or irregular in appearance.
The skin tags mostly look irregular in the form of brown or skin colored outgrowths. 
On microscopic levels they consist of a fibro-vascular core which sometimes contains fat cells, covered by an unremarkable epidermis. 
Irritations often occur in skin tags due to shaving or rubbing with clothes or jewelry. The presence of eczema aggravates the situation.

Why Skin Tags Occur
1. They mostly occur due to obesity as it causes more skin folds and creases which are the fertile places for them. 
2. They also occur in pregnancy due to hormonal changes.
3. Excessive use of steroids and diabetics also cause skin tags. 
4. Skin tags are the common sign of prediabetes as they are found to be linked with elevated levels of blood sugar and mellitus. The insulin increase and skin tags are related through an unknown mechanism in type 2 diabetes.
5. They occur from skin rubbing up against skin. 
6. The low-risk HPV 6 and HPV 11 have been found to exist in skin tags.

Preparation for Home Remedies
Before going for the home remedies rub vitamin E oil on the area around and over the skin tag to keep the skin hydrated. It will speed up the healing when the skin tag comes off. Vitamin E nourishes the skin and facilitates the process of decay and death of the skin tag.

Home Remedies
The treatment of skin tags is unnecessary unless they irritate or cause cosmetic problem. 
Here are a few simple home remedies to get rid of skin tags. 

1. Dental Floss
 Apply dental floss around the tag to stop blood supply to it, thereby leading to tag darkening and natural falling off after some time.

2.  Banana Peel
Cut a small portion of banana peel and apply the fibrous part of the peel on skin tag. The skin tag will come off in few days.

3.  Castor Oil
Prepare the paste of a little castor oil and baking powder and apply on the skin tag. Repeat the process for 2 to 4 weeks to remove the skin tag.

4. Garlic
Prepare a paste of some garlic cloves and apply on skin tags. Wash off after some time. Repeat the process and the skin tag would fall off after few days. 

5.  Dental Floss
Stop the blood supply to the skin tag by tying a dental floss around it. The skin tag will darken after some time and fall off within 2 to 3 weeks.

6.  Pineapple
The juice of pineapple is very effective to remove the moles, warts and skin tags. The regular application of fresh juice of pineapple removes the skin tags with in few days. 

7.  Nail Polish
The application of nail polish on skin tags and its removal after drying helps to get rid of skin tags in few days. Repeat the remedy is performed 3-4 times a day to weaken the skin tag so that it may come off easily.

8.  Mixed Vegetables
Apply the mixture of the juices of potato, cauliflower and garlic on skin tags and see the result in few days. 

9.  Onion Juice
Apply the extracted juice of onion and salt kept in water overnight and over the skin tags. The skin tags will disappear within a week. 

10.  Aspirin
Aspirin dries off the skin. Dissolve aspirin in water to make a paste and apply it over the tag.

11. Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil
Tie a cotton swab soaked in the mixture of few drops each of fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil on the skin tag twice a day to get rid of it within a fortnight.

12. Duct Tape
Put the duct tape on skin tag and change the tape when it gets loose. After few attempts the skin tag will come off with the duct tape. This is the easiest and the most effective home remedy. 
13. Lemon Juice
The citric acid in lemon juice helps in the removal of dead cells.  Apply the cotton ball dipped in lemon over the skin tag and wash off after 5-10 minutes.  Repeat the remedy twice or thrice a week for a month to get the skin tag decomposed.

Other Ways to  Remove the Skin Tags
An expert and trained professional or a dermatologist can remove the skin tag by the following methods. There are both low cost and expensive options to remove skin tags depending upon the choice of a dermatologist or removal at home. 

1. Scissors
Being painless, they could be chopped off with sterilized scissors, if one of their ends is tied 
to some very fine string or even a piece of dental floss. 
This procedure is usually done without anesthesia and bleeding and infection are the risk factors. Let an experienced person perform the task. 

2. Electro-Cautery 
The skin tag could be burnt with electrocautery or electric desiccation in a painless and most preferred way. The method is somewhat expensive but there is not infection as it is performed under medical supervision. 

3. Liquid Nitrogen
The skin tag is first frozen with liquid nitrogen and then removed through cautery or scissors. There are chances that the tag may not fall off and temporary discoloration of skin may occur. 

4 Ophthalmologist
The dermatologist may need the help of the ophthalmologist to remove the skin tags around the eyes.

Reappearance of skin Tags after Removal
Contrary to popular belief the skin tags do not grow back after the removal though some people are more prone to their reappearance and need more than one removal session per year. 
No medical evidences are related to their reappearance and generally removing them once ends the problem. 


1. It is better to wrap a bandage on the affected areas after the use of any type of paste in home remedies.
2. Beware of removing them by surgical means or castration at home as it may cause infection. 
3. Some complications may arise due to incorrect methods of removal of skin tags.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cucumber- Health and Beauty Tips

The upper part of cucumber is bitter. The vine of cucumber contains the chemical cooker viatkin which imparts such taste to it. The upper part of cucumber is connected with the vine and some of the cooker vitacin enters to the upper part of cucumber through it. If the cucumber is not plucked for a long time, the whole of it may become bitter. It is not harmful except the taste.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by  Muu-karhu

The scientists have found that cooker viatkin can cure cancer. Cucumber contains 95% water and 5% fiber.

Uses of Cucumber

1. Cucumber is best for constipation, acidity, inflammation, burning sensation etc.

2. The vitamin B and carbohydrate in it gives instant energy.

3. The rubbing of cucumber slices on skin saves from sunburn.

4. The grated cucumber could be applied on face to get additional glow.

5. It could be rubbed on hands and feet to remove the blisters.

6. It helps to control the weight of the body.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark Circles
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Romana Klee
The dark circles below the eyes mar the beauty. They make the person look tired and aged.

The dark circles appear due to nutrient deficiency, sleeplessness, mental stress and prolonged sitting on computer.

Here are few tips to avoid the dark circles.

1. Tomato
Add a pinch of turmeric and little gram flour to tomato and lemon juice. Mix the contents and prepare a paste of it. Apply the paste on dark circles around the eyes and rinse off after half an hour. Repeat the remedy thrice a week. The dark circles will start disappearing.

2. Potato
This is a very effective remedy. Properly wash the face before going to bed at night. Then cut fine slices of potato and place them on the eyes and dark circles for 20- 25 minutes. Thereafter wash the face again. 

3. Rose Water
With the helps of rose water one can get rid of dark circles.Soak a cotton swab in rose water and place it on the dark circles. Let it remain for 10 minutes only. It will impart extra glow to the area around the dark circles.

4. Almond Oil
The almond oil is very beneficial to get rid of dark circles. Apply the almond oil on the dark circles and let it remain there for a while. Then gently massage the oil on effected area with fingers for 10 minutes. Wash the face thereafter with cold water.

5. Tea Water
Boil the tea leaves in water and allow it to cool. Dip the cotton swab in the tea water and place it on the dark circles. Wash the face after some time. The regular application of tea water will soon make the dark circles disappear.

6. Tea Bags
The cold tea bags could also be used to remove the dark circles. The tannin present in tea bags alleviates the swelling around the eyes and restores the actual color of the black skin.
Mint Leaves
Grind the green leaves of mint and place them on dark circles. Let the paste remain there for some time and then wash the eyes with water. It will help to get rid of the dark circles.

7. Cucumber
Cut the slices of cucumber and place them on dark circles for half an hour. Repeat the remedy and the dark circles would be removed in a week. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

How to remove Pimples and Acne by Papaya

Papaya has rightly been termed as the mine of several health benefits. It helps in skin care and gives extra glow to the face and adds to the overall beauty. 

Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Olegivvit

The milky juice of unripe papaya is very effective in skin problems. 

It could be used in face pack to alleviate the wrinkles 

It contains several vitamins, proteins and minerals like iron and calcium.

It removes the dark circles under the eyes and sooths the skin.

Apply the pulp of raw papaya and honey to get relief from pimples and acne. 

Wash the face with Lukewarm water when the mask gets dried up. Follow this remedy for a month to see the visible results. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Wine Therapy for Facial Wrinkles

Red wine
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Paolo Neo
Besides chocolate facial, fruit facial and oxygen facial, the wine facial puts a stop to ageing signs and gives extra glow to the facial skin.
The wine special, wine rap, wine bath and wine scrub are the different methods of wine therapy. Here either red/white or rose wine or both are used. In addition to these the extract of flowers and scented oils is also used. Generally the wine therapy is used for anti ageing which reduces the swelling and wrinkles on skin. It softens the skin and helps to remove the dead skin cells.
The antioxidants in the wine remove the toxins from the skin in wine facial. It stretches the facial skin. The wine therapy is chosen according to the skin types.
The red wine contains the anti ageing constituents and helps to stretch the sin. It cleans the skin pores and removes the pimples and the wrinkles.  
The Benefits of Wine Facial
It imparts facial glow.
It removes stress.
It removes wrinkles,
It provides the oxygen to the skin cells.
Face mask for Dry Skin
Mix a large tablespoon each of red wine and honey, half tablespoon of Aloe vera gel and add 2-3 drops of lavender oil in it. Apply the contents on face and rinse after half an hour with Luke warm water.
Face Mask for Oily Skin
Take 3 large spoons of red wine and add 2-3 drops of tes tree oil in it. Apply it on the face and wash off after 20 minutes.
Wine Aloe vera Mask

Mix wine and Aloe vera gel and apply on face and wahs agter 10 minutes. This mask relieves the facial skin.

Monday, 16 March 2015

The Nails speak a lot about Health

The nails 
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Kommissar

The changing colors of nails speak a lot about the health of the person. The effects of infections, skin problems, injuries, swelling and deficiencies of nutrients in the body could be seen on the nails.
In ancient times when the medical tests were not available, the physicians could tell about the health of the person by just examining the colors of the nails. At present the Ayurvedic and Homeopathic physicians see the colors of the nails while examining the health of the person.
The colors of the nails change when certain diseases start developing in the body.
The nails are made from a nutrient element called keratin which is the constituent of the hair too. In case of diseases or deficiencies of nutrients in the body, the layer of keratin gets affected and the color of the nails starts changing. If the color of the nails begins to change without the application of the nail polish, then it is a symptom of some disease taking hold within the body.
The brittle nails or the cracks in the nails show the deficiency of vitamin C, folic acid and proteins. Sometimes the color of the nails, thee presence of strips on them, very thick or very thin nails etc. show the presence of one or more than one disease.
1. Very thick, rough and broken nails
The thick and slightly elevated nails from the nail bed are the signs of cirrhosis or fungal infection. The nails become colorless and dry when the immune system becomes weak and hair loss occurs. The nails become black during the skin problem liken planus, in which the pus begins to form in different places in the body.  The nails become crooked in heart problems. The white strips on nails are the signs or kidney problems.
2. The infection in Nails
The fungal infection could also be the reason for the changing colors of the nails. The nails appear white or pale in the beginning, but with increasing infection they they become thinner and rougher. The nails become infected if the skin infections are scratched with them. The infected nails become brittle and deformed. The itching and swelling occurs near the nails. It is better to consult the physician then. The nails infection gets treated in 6 months or so while the nails of the feet take 9 to 12 months.
3. Look through the pores of the nails
The pores of the nails are made of small cells and their surrounding areas also speak about the health conditions. The nails get stuck inside due the deficiency of iron and vitamin B 12. The elevated strips appear on the nails during anemia. The blisters and cracks appear on the nails in vitamin C deficiency and the skin starts coming off near the pores. Wash and clean the nails and always wear clean socks.
4. Take care of nails
Take care of the nutrients for overall health. The cuts and cracks disappear from the nails when right diet is taken. The intake of vitamin B makes the nails beautiful and healthy.
5. What the color of the nails tells
Yellow nails – Light yellow, weak and faded color of the nails are the signs of anemia, heart problem, lever disorders and malnutrition.
The whole nail becomes yellow in fungal infection. Sometimes this situation also appears in thyroid, diabetes and cirrhosis.
The nails are either yellow or grow slowly in lungs related diseases.
White nails- Sometimes white spots appear on the nails or they become wholly white. This situation appears in heart, intestines or lever diseases.
Elevated nails- the elevated outer skin around the nails show the disorders of the heart and lungs together with the swollen intestines.

Blue nails- The interrupted supply of oxygen in the body turns the nails blue. It is a sign of lung infection, pneumonia and heart problem.