Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cucumber- Health and Beauty Tips

The upper part of cucumber is bitter. The vine of cucumber contains the chemical cooker viatkin which imparts such taste to it. The upper part of cucumber is connected with the vine and some of the cooker vitacin enters to the upper part of cucumber through it. If the cucumber is not plucked for a long time, the whole of it may become bitter. It is not harmful except the taste.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by  Muu-karhu

The scientists have found that cooker viatkin can cure cancer. Cucumber contains 95% water and 5% fiber.

Uses of Cucumber

1. Cucumber is best for constipation, acidity, inflammation, burning sensation etc.

2. The vitamin B and carbohydrate in it gives instant energy.

3. The rubbing of cucumber slices on skin saves from sunburn.

4. The grated cucumber could be applied on face to get additional glow.

5. It could be rubbed on hands and feet to remove the blisters.

6. It helps to control the weight of the body.
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