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The Nails speak a lot about Health

The nails 
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The changing colors of nails speak a lot about the health of the person. The effects of infections, skin problems, injuries, swelling and deficiencies of nutrients in the body could be seen on the nails.
In ancient times when the medical tests were not available, the physicians could tell about the health of the person by just examining the colors of the nails. At present the Ayurvedic and Homeopathic physicians see the colors of the nails while examining the health of the person.
The colors of the nails change when certain diseases start developing in the body.
The nails are made from a nutrient element called keratin which is the constituent of the hair too. In case of diseases or deficiencies of nutrients in the body, the layer of keratin gets affected and the color of the nails starts changing. If the color of the nails begins to change without the application of the nail polish, then it is a symptom of some disease taking hold within the body.
The brittle nails or the cracks in the nails show the deficiency of vitamin C, folic acid and proteins. Sometimes the color of the nails, thee presence of strips on them, very thick or very thin nails etc. show the presence of one or more than one disease.
1. Very thick, rough and broken nails
The thick and slightly elevated nails from the nail bed are the signs of cirrhosis or fungal infection. The nails become colorless and dry when the immune system becomes weak and hair loss occurs. The nails become black during the skin problem liken planus, in which the pus begins to form in different places in the body.  The nails become crooked in heart problems. The white strips on nails are the signs or kidney problems.
2. The infection in Nails
The fungal infection could also be the reason for the changing colors of the nails. The nails appear white or pale in the beginning, but with increasing infection they they become thinner and rougher. The nails become infected if the skin infections are scratched with them. The infected nails become brittle and deformed. The itching and swelling occurs near the nails. It is better to consult the physician then. The nails infection gets treated in 6 months or so while the nails of the feet take 9 to 12 months.
3. Look through the pores of the nails
The pores of the nails are made of small cells and their surrounding areas also speak about the health conditions. The nails get stuck inside due the deficiency of iron and vitamin B 12. The elevated strips appear on the nails during anemia. The blisters and cracks appear on the nails in vitamin C deficiency and the skin starts coming off near the pores. Wash and clean the nails and always wear clean socks.
4. Take care of nails
Take care of the nutrients for overall health. The cuts and cracks disappear from the nails when right diet is taken. The intake of vitamin B makes the nails beautiful and healthy.
5. What the color of the nails tells
Yellow nails – Light yellow, weak and faded color of the nails are the signs of anemia, heart problem, lever disorders and malnutrition.
The whole nail becomes yellow in fungal infection. Sometimes this situation also appears in thyroid, diabetes and cirrhosis.
The nails are either yellow or grow slowly in lungs related diseases.
White nails- Sometimes white spots appear on the nails or they become wholly white. This situation appears in heart, intestines or lever diseases.
Elevated nails- the elevated outer skin around the nails show the disorders of the heart and lungs together with the swollen intestines.

Blue nails- The interrupted supply of oxygen in the body turns the nails blue. It is a sign of lung infection, pneumonia and heart problem.
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