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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bad Odour of sweating

Sweating is a common phenomenon and the problem of perspiration increases in summer. But the bad odour of sweat is associated with it.  The problem still persists even after wearing the cotton clothes or using the deodorant.

Sweat Glands
Sweating it out
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sgt. Bobby Yarbrough
The temperature of the blood increases with the increase of temperature in summer. The sweat glands present on the most of the surface or the dermis of the skin open up to balance the change in temperature and sweating occurs. The sweat glands secrete the sweat and are very beneficial for the body. These tubular structures remove the toxic substances from the body through sweating.

There are two types of sweat glands in the skin. The apocrine glands are the main sweat glands that secrete sweat and are found in armpits. The eccrine glands glands not connected to hair follicles are found over most of the body and function throughout the life.

The people generally remain annoyed due to sweating and bad odour associated with it.

Why Sweat has bad Odour
The bacteria present on skin putrefy or decompose the sweat and the bad odour occurs.  The improper cleaning of the skin chokes the sweat glands and the movement of bacteria with dust on skin surface creates bad odour in sweat. This odour disturbs everyone. But in absence of odour the sweat may not be so annoying.  

Home Remedies

1. Apply little baking soda mixed in water on underarms after bathing and thereafter wipe it with towel.

2. Baking Soda could also be applied after using the deodorant. Spray the deodorant and apply little baking soda on it.

3. Apply the paste of baking soda and lemon after bathing at night.

4. Daily bathing is necessary to get rid of foul smell of sweat. You can do it twice a day in case of excess sweating.

5. Dry the underarms after bathing or before wearing anything as it will reduce the amount of sweating.

6. Keep the underarms clean as it reduces sweating, saves from infections and disease and is good for personal hygiene.

7. Rub cucumber slice on underarms after bathing. The antioxidant present in cucumber kills the bacteria and helps to get rid of foul smell of sweating.

8. Increase the amount of water intake in diet as it will help in overall health and end the foul smell of sweat. The water dilutes the sweat and stops the foul smell.

9. Remaining away from moisture, keeping the body clean and taking care of dress and diet according to season helps to get rid of bad smell of sweating

10. The addition of UD cologne, Dettol, lemon juice or Rose water to the bathing water keeps the body fresh ad free from foul smell.

11. Bathing after the use of sandalwood powder body pack helps to get rid of bad odour of sweating.

12. Use the footwear in which the feet remain open. Use the footwear made of fiber or leather.

13. Wear loose clothes instead of tight fitting garments.

14. It is a misconception that the use of talc powder helps to get rid of the foul smell of sweating. 

15. Add potassium sulphate or potash alum to the bathing water to get rid of excess sweating.
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