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Herbs and Shea Butter as Natural Conditioners

Natural herbs are the best hair conditioners. The synthetic or chemical products cause hair loss and may turn the black hair white. Here are the few best natural hair conditioners.
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1. Fenugreek Seeds
Methi or fenugreek seeds are used for flavor and health benefits in foods. These seeds remove dandruff and promote the overall hair health and growth. Soak the dry seeds in water for at least 6 hours and apply the paste on the roots of the hair and rinse after drying.

2. Coconut Milk
The coconut milk prepared from fresh or grated coconuts prevents hair fall and strengthens, moisturizes and disentangle the long hair. It is not necessary to soap wash the hair afterward as it does not make the hair oily. Just water rinsing is enough.

3. Oil Massage
Give a weekly hot oil treatment to hair by massaging the hair with slightly hot natural oil for few minutes and wash with soap or shampoo after half an hour. It reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth by increasing the blood circulation. The herbal oils extracted from coconut, olive, sesame, almond etc. could be used after infusing them with herbs.
4. Aloe vera 
Extract the Aloe Vera gel with a knife, apply it on the hair and wash after half an hour. It will condition the hair and make them smooth and silky. This gel is used in skin burns too.
5. Shikakai
The dry and powdered seeds or leaves or bark of acacia concinna or shikakai are the best natural hair cleansers and conditioners. The paste of these is used as a shampoo. Washing the hair with leaf infusion is the best for dandruff while the extract is used in shampoos.

6. Shea Butter as Natural Conditioner
Shea Butter is the fat extracted from the nuts produced of African Shea tree is applied on hair as a natural hair moisturizer and conditioner. 
The Shea butter is also good for skin.
It is advisable to use the Shea butter on wet hair. It gives best results in hair treatment if coconut oil is applied just before its application. 
Check for any allergic reactions, as some people are susceptible to it.
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