Thursday, 21 April 2016

How Dimples are formed

The facial dimples are considered to embellish the beauty. But in reality it is a deformity. 

Dimples on Cheek
Wikimedia Commons by NortenhaPVZ 
The dimples appear when the facial muscles become shorter due to some reasons. Due to this reason the face has to stretch the muscles during smile or laughter. 

The the deficiency in the length of the muscles is compensated by the formation of dimples.

The problem starts appearing in the womb when some changes appear in subcutaneous connective tissues. 

This is the reason for the formation of dimples.

With ageing the face muscles of some people become normal and the dimples appearing on their cheeks in adolescent period disappear. 

On the other hand this recovery does not happen and the dimples remain appearing throughout their lives.   
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