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Banana Peels for Beautiful Skin

All fruits are beneficial for health in one way or the other. Banana is the favorite of the young and the old. It is full of several vitamins and minerals including calcium, and proteins in rich amounts.
Half Peeled Banana
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The people generally discard the banana peels after eating the banana. But very few people know that the banana peel is equally beneficial than the banana itself.  The banana peels have several nutrients which help to remove the pimples, wrinkles, warts, dark under eye circles, dead skin cells, and pyorrhea. They also help to heal the wounds, give relief in pain, and clean the teeth.

1. Removes Pimples
Banana peels help to get rid of the repeated recurrence of pimples on the skin. Cut a piece of banana peel and sprinkle a little turmeric and organic honey on it. Rub it on the pimples for 10- 15 minutes. Wash with clean and fresh water. Repeat the remedy every day till the pimples are finally removed. 

2. Removes Wrinkles
With growing age, the wrinkles appear on the face and leave their impression on the skin surface. In order to remove the wrinkles, it is better to use a face pack of banana leaves. Prepare a paste of banana leaves with the egg yolk or the yellow part of the egg and apply on the wrinkles. Wash off after drying. Use the remedy 2-3 times a week to get the wrinkle free glowing skin.

3. Removes Warts
The appearance of warts on the skin at different places is a very common problem. Put a piece of banana peel on warts and keep it tied with a piece of cloth overnight. The wart will come off in the morning. Repeat the remedy 2-3 times if the wart does not come off in the first attempt. 

4. Removes Dark Circles
The banana peel is the best remedy for the under eye dark circles. Remove the inner white portion of the banana peels and add a little aloe Vera gel to it. Apply on the dark circles and wash off after 10 minutes.

5. Removes Dead Skin Cells
Rub the inner side of the banana peel on the dead skin surface for 10 minutes. It will remove the dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, natural and soft skin underneath.

6. Relief in Pyorrhea
Bleeding from the gums appears during pyorrhea which causes pain which ultimately leads the loss of teeth. Rubbing banana peels on the teeth gives relief from pyorrhea.

7. Relief in Injury
Sometimes the skin becomes blue after injury. The banana peels remove such blue marks on the skin. Rub a banana peel on the blue spots for few minutes.

8. Relief in Pain
Banana peels give relief from the pains caused by injury. Keep the banana peel on the injured spot or half an hour to get relief from the pain.

9. Cleans the Yellow Teeth
It is better to use the banana peel if the teeth have become yellow. Rub the inner side of the banana peel on the teeth for 3-4 minutes and wash with clean water. The presence of citric acid in the inner surface of the banana peel will make the teeth white and shining.

10. Insect Bite
Inflammation and red spots appear on the skin after the bites of mosquitoes and insects. Sometimes even the swelling occurs at such spots. Rub the banana peels on such spots on the skin to get relief from redness, itching, swelling, and inflammation.

11. Relief from Psoriasis
The skin becomes scaly, hard and dry in psoriasis which causes severe itching. Rubbing the sin with the inner side of the banana peel gives relief in itching.

12. Shines Shoes, Leather and Silver
Rubbing the inner side of the banana peel on shoes, leather, and silver imparts shine to them and they start glowing as if they are new.
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