Thursday, 22 March 2018

How to Take Care of Nails

It is fashionable among the women to keep long nails. The clean and healthy nails not only impart beauty to the hands but also save the body from the onslaught of several germs and bacteria.
Healthy and Beautiful Nails

But some of them have to abandon this embellishment on account of weak and brittle nails. It is due to several reasons including lack of cleanliness, improper shape, and health problems. The nails of the hand are feet are very delicate and they demand proper care. The nail-biting habit also damages the shape of nails. 

The role of proper diet could not be ruled out for the health and the beauty of the nails. The nails become weak due to the deficiency of iron in the body. Therefore take an iron supplement or rather focus on focus on proper diet.

Include iron and calcium-rich foods to the regular diet. Take iron-rich foods like beans, lentil, whole grains, nuts, eggs, dry fruits, raisins, date, apricot, meat, fish, soy etc. On the other hand, milk and milk products are the best sources of calcium. Include onion in regular diet both in cooked and raw forms.

It is the rich source of calcium. It also contains vitamin D in sufficient amounts which keeps the nails healthy and helps in the overall health too. The regular intake of beetroot not only makes the fingers healthy but also makes the nails strong, healthy and beautiful.  

The intake of lemon juice is the best way to avoid the deficiency of vitamin C in the body, as this is the only vitamin which is water soluble and leaves the body in several ways. So we have to constantly replenish the deficiency of vitamin C in the body.
The topical application of lemon on nails is also beneficial. It is better to rub the lemon peel on the nails for few minutes after extracting the juice of the lemon. You can see the visible effects on nails even after 2-3 applications.

Olive Oil
Olive oil makes the nails strong and this is the best remedy for those who wish to develop long and beautiful nails.  Before going to bed at night, regularly massage the olive oil on the nails or rub the nails against each other for half an hour. It will help in the growth of long, healthy, and strong nails.
Mustard Oil
The mustard oil imparts softness and strength to dry and weak nails. Kepp the nails soaked in lukewarm oil for 10-15 minutes and gently massage the nails and the fingers to increase the flow of blood. It will make the nails strong and shiny.

It is very necessary to keep the nails clean so that they may remain strong, beautiful and healthy. Do not allow the dirt to get accumulated in the pores of the nails of hand and feet. Besides daily cleaning, wash the nails with soap before going to bed at night.

Wear cotton socks in summer and change them daily as dirt and sweat is the breeding ground for several bacteria and virus which are detrimental to the health of nails and overall health. Keep the nails clean during manicure and pedicure.
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