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Anti-ageing Vitamin C Mask and mango Kernel

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The vitamin C mask has an anti-aging effect on the face and acts as an antioxidant too. This mask acts like a buffer and rejuvenates the skin when the vitamin E pills are added to it. 

This mask is very stimulating and may cause some irritation foe the people with sensitive skins. In case of any burning sensation it is better to rinse the mask immediately with water.It is due to the reason that the oxidation of vitamin C causes some irritation. 

To prepare the vitamin C mask, take powdered Vitamin C (one tbsp) and vitamin E liquid gel (2-3 pills). Add few drops of water and make a smooth creamy paste. Apply the mask with fingertips on damp face. Avoiding the area around the eyes, gently rub the mask in circular motions upwards from chin to cheeks and towards the ears, and then apply it over the entire face including the and neck.

Rinse the mask with lukewarm water after 10 minutes. Pat dry the face with a clean towel and apply the moisturizer. 

Mango Kernel Prevents Wrinkles

The mango kernel has the texture of butter, and is ideal for all skin types. It could be added to other oils and butters. It has a mild aroma like olive oil.
It protects against the harmful effects of sunlight and prevents wrinkles and restores the elasticity of the skin. It moisturizes the dry skin and the hair as it heals the drying effects of soaps and cleansers on the skin.
It is an excellent antioxidant. 
The shelf life of mango kernel is 3 to 4 years if stored in cool place. 

Most of mango kernel oils are in refined form and that is why its therapeutic quality gets altered. Try to find and buy the unrefined and organic mango kernel oil.  
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