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Hoe to take care of skin by Strawberry

1. Sliced Fruit of Strawberry 

Strawberry is a great skin care additive due to its mildly astringent properties and is the best option for various ailments of the skin. It could also be used as a natural beauty product for oily skin to improve the texture. 

1. It cleans the pores, stops the growth of tumors or cancer cells and removes the dead skin cells.

2. Strawberries act as a natural conditioner. Make a paste of 10- 12 ripe strawberries and apply on the hair. Rinse after half an hour to get natural shine.

3. As a natural treatment against acne or pimples, mash few strawberries with curd and apply the paste on the face. Let it remain for 15 minutes, then wash and tap dry. 

4. For oily skin prepare the paste by mashing strawberries with unsweetened yogurt and apply on face. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

5. In order to remove the eye puffiness, put thin slices of strawberry on the eyes and lie down for 15 minutes. 

6. For a soft, smooth skin rub the slices of strawberry on the face for few minutes, let it dry and then rinse with cold water.

7. Make a paste of 8-10 strawberries with a tablespoon each of honey, olive oil, milk and cornstarch. Apply this scrub to exfoliate the skin. Gently rub off and rinse with cold water.

8. As a natural whitener, mash the strawberries with little baking soda and just rub on the teeth and brush off after some tine, to remove the stains and whiten the teeth.

9. The strawberry foot and hand scrub is made from strawberries, olive oil (2 tbsp), kosher salt (1tbsp). Apply the smooth paste on feet and massage for 15 minutes to remove the dead skin cells. Wash with soap and water. 

Strawberry, Honey, Lemon Face Scrub

The homemade strawberry face scrub is a natural, effective, inexpensive and the best remedy for the oily skin. The great amounts of alpha-hydroxy acid contained in strawberries, clears the acne, takes excess off oil from the skin, and reduces eye puffiness or dark circles.

To prepare the strawberry scrub, take 10 large and ripe strawberries and make a smooth paste with a fork or a spoon. Add one tablespoon of olive oil to the paste because it cleans the skin, makes it glowing and supple, stops the clogging of pores, and is a moisturizer.
Next add two tablespoons of honey to the mixture as it reduces the swelling and inflammation, kills bacteria, and makes skin taught and youthful.

To give make the mask a natural astringent and to reduce the skin oil, add few drops of fresh lemon juice. According to skin type, that is if the skin is dry, add 8 to 10 drops of lemon juice, or add one tablespoon of lemon juice when the skin is oily. 

Properly mix all the contents till a consistent and creamy paste is obtained. 

Apply the paste evenly on face and neck after washing and pat drying the face. Leave the mask for five minutes and then use warm water to wash the face.
2. A Face without Blemishes

Strawberry, Milk, Lemon Face Scrub

For the signs of aging and dry face the face scrub made from strawberry, milk and lemon is the best. It exfoliates the skin and restores youthfulness.

Mash and blend about 10 tablespoons of strawberries. The seeds of strawberries provide grittiness to the mixture to act as a natural scrub. The alpha-hydroxy acid present in strawberries removes the old and dead cells from the outer surface of the skin.
The lemon too contains alpha-hydroxy acids, and the addition of a tablespoon of lemon juice, will remove the dead skin cells that do not retains water. It is due to the water content in cells that the skin looks young.

Next add two tablespoons of powered milk to the mixture, because again the milk is another defoliant containing alpha-hydroxy acids. It removes blackheads, slough away dead skin cell, and unclogs the pores. The fats in milk soften and seal the skin cells.

Evenly apply the mixture on entire face and neck be avoiding the areas near the eyes. Scrub off with a dry cloth after 15 minutes with warm water containing lemon juice. Wash the face again with cold water.

How to Make a Strawberry Face Mask

The homemade strawberry face mask is the natural, effective, inexpensive and the best remedy for the oily skin. The strawberries contain great amounts of alpha-hydroxy acid, which clears the acne and take off oil from the skin. The strawberries are good to reduce puffiness and circles beneath the eyes.

To prepare the mask, take 10 large and ripe strawberries and make a smooth paste with a fork or a spoon and add one tablespoon of olive oil to it. Without clogging the skin pores, the olive oil moisturize and cleanse the skin by making it glowing and supple.

Then add two tablespoons of honey to the mixture. Because honey reduces swelling and inflammation, kills bacteria, gives youthful look to the skin and makes it taught.

Thereafter add few drops of fresh lemon juice to the mixture. Add 8 to 10 drops of lemon juice according to skin type i.e., if the skin is dry or add 1 one tablespoon of lemon juice for oily skin. Because lemon is a natural astringent and helps to reduce the skin oil.

Properly mix all the contents till a consistent and creamy paste is obtained. 

Before applying the face mask wash the face and pat dry gently, and then apply it evenly on face and neck. Let it remain on the face for five minutes and rinse with warm water.

Strawberry Honey Cream Mask

The strawberry honey cream mask is organic and natural.The salicylic acid present in strawberries, cleanses by removing the impurities and dead cells from the skin. On the other hand the mixture of honey and cream nourishes the tired and sagging skin and keeps it supple, moist and fresh. It is very easy to prepare this mask.

Make a puree of five medium sized ripe strawberries in a blender or food processor or mesh them with the back of a spoon or fork. To form a thick paste just mix 1 tablespoon each of fresh heavy cream and organic honey.

Wash the face and then apply the paste on the clean and dry face and neck. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Avoid the areas around the eyes. Thereafter rinse off by using cotton pads and water.

As a variation and to balance the pH of the skin, replace the cream with live and active cultures of yogurt. You can also use The raspberries can be used instead of strawberries for sensitive skin. It is less likely that the yogurt and raspberry combination may cause irritation to those allergic to strawberries.
3. Avoid Sunlight

Strawberry Protects the Skin from Ultraviolet Rays

It reduces the damage caused to the DNA by UV rays, because of the presence of anthocyanins molecules in it. The red color to leaves, flowers and fruits is made from anthocyanin pigments. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti tumor characteristic of strawberry extract is due to rich contents of anthocyanins in it.

These results are becoming the basis for future studies to ascertain the bioavailability and bio activity of anthocyanins in the dermis and the epidermis layers of skin. 

The strawberry extract increases the cell survival. Thus a photoprotective cream made from strawberry extract has been developed. 

Half a milligram of extract per milliliter shows photoprotective properties and provides protection to cells exposed to UV rays. It protects the epidermal cells that are susceptible to skin-related diseases especially cancer. The enzymatic processes in the body to can be modulated by the strawberry extract. 

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