Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How to Take Care of Hair in Summer

The sunscreens and hats are used to save the skin and face from the harmful effects of the sunlight. But the hair too needs extra care during the scorching heat of summer. 
Tie the hair lightly
Wikimedia Commons by Anna reg 

The hair gets badly affected when they come in contact with the hard skin scorched in sunlight. 
The sweat, sunlight, moisture and excess time in swimming pool damage the hair. 

The hair becomes rough and hard in dust and hot air. 

Some extra care is needed in summer to keep the hair strong, shiny and healthy. 

The best way is to wash and dry them daily as it reduces the loss of hair due to moisture and sweating.

A healthy diet like soy and sprouted foods are also necessary for the nourishment of shiny hair. 

While going out in sunlight between 11 AM to 3 PM, always cover the head with a scarf, cap or umbrella, as the sunlight and hence the ultraviolet rays are the strongest at this time.

Trim the split hair caused due to dryness because they may fall off on becoming weak.

Use right shampoo and conditioner for the split hair.

Do not use color dye or chemicals or bleach in summer as it is not the right season for them.

Comb the hair regularly as it stops the knot formation and increases the blood circulation in the hair roots.

Do not tie the hair hard as it makes them lifeless and reduces their strength.
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