Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Home Remedies for Dark Lips

Beautiful Lips
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Nicu Buculei

Among several beauty blues, the black or dark lips are very common. Besides giving an ugly look they signify health problem too. The lips have a prominent place in overall beauty. The soft lips with natural pink color embellish the beauty, while the black and rough ones are embarrassing. Therefore it is necessary to know why the lips become black.

Besides taking care of the lips, it would be beneficial to keep the followings tips in mind.

1. The insufficient intake of water makes the lips black.

2. Take healthy and nutritious food including green vegetables, salads, fruits etc.

3. The lips not connected with bones or are pouting generally remain black.

4. The excessive use of alcohol or smoking is another reason

5. The lipsticks are acidic so proper ones of best quality should be occasionally used.

6. The deficiency of Iron and vitamin A appears in black color of lips.

7. The absence of apocrine glands also make the lips black.


1. Include pulses, lintels, milk, soybean etc. in regular diet.

2. Use sunscreen lip balm on lips while going out in sunlight.

3. Use the paste of rose flower, lemon and glycerin on lips before going to bed.

4. Regularly apply the saffron-milk balm on lips.

5. Gently massage the lips with almond oil to increase the blood circulation.

6. The application of beet juice improves the color of lips.

7. Make a paste of butter or lemon and glycerin, and keep it applied overnight.

8. Before using the light shades of lipstick, apply foundation or powder on lips.

9. Remove the lipstick before going to bed and rather use it sparingly. 
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