Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Basil for Pimples and Hair Fall

Holy basil or Ocimum is the most sacred plant for the Hindus and its leaves and flowers are used in religious ceremonies, prayers, and rites. This herb known as tulsi is grown in the courtyard of every Indian household. 
Ocimum basilicum or Basil
Wikimedia Commons by Nicholas Gemini 

The holy basil comes in some different varieties which have a slight difference in the color and appearance of leaves. But all varieties of holy basil are of medicinal value in Ayurveda. 

Hair Fall
Keep the basil powder and dry Indian gooseberry in water overnight and wash hair with filtrate to stop the hair fall.

Keep some basil and lemon in a pewter container for 24 hours and use the paste as a face mask for the cure of pimples. 

White spots, Pimples, and Acne

Take equal amount of lemon juice and the juice of green basil leaves and keep in sun for 24 hours. Let the contents become thick. Thereafter apply it as a face mask on affected area regularly for few days to get rid of black spots, pimples, acne and white spots.  This remedy makes the face spotless. 

Snake Repellent
The strong and pleasant scent of the plant repels most of the household and garden insects and can even prevent the snakes from entering the garden.
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