Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How to Cleanse the Skin with Food and Water

The Organic Vegetables
The overall health depends upon the health of the liver. The physical and emotional states of the body become smooth, if the liver functions smoothly.

Proper nutrition, exercise, detoxification and the strategic transition from one season to the next, helps the body to achieve this state.

For the health of body and mind follow these simple steps.

It is better to eat simple, unprocessed and natural whole food which has been grown seasonally and locally, without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. Such foods contain vital energy, nutrients, and vitamins needed for overall health.

So eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables, pungent herbs, and fruits.

In modern environment the body accumulates toxins, and it is essential to detoxify the body. 

This is done by taking enough water, and the juices of fruits and vegetables to cleanse the the body. 

To aid the digestion and to reduce inflammation, it is better to take the probiotics like kefir and the fermented foods. 

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